Continous Ink Refilling System Instruction

Ink filling Instruction:

If the CISS is empty:

1.      Take out the rubber plug of the filling hole and stuff up the air hole. Extract 60ml ink into the 60ml syringe, then fill into ink container.(picture 1)

picture 1                       picture 2

2.      Fill other color ink into ink containers like the first step. Stuff up the filling hole.

3.      Put the CISS like this way(picture 2). Erect the ink cartridges and make the outlet of ink cartridges downwards. Take out the rubber plug of air hole.

4.      Insert the syringe to the air hole, pull the syringe slowly, will see some bubble from the ink, then take out the syringe and discharge the air in syringe, ink will flow into ink cartridge from the ink container automatically( picture 2),

5.      Repeat the fourth step 2 or 3 times until ink volume upto half of the ink cartridge.

6.      Make other color ink flow into ink cartridges like the fourth and fifth step.

7.      Then put the ink container back. The CISS is ready for using.


Using Instruction:

1. Before installing the CISS on the printer, please let the ink in balance device flow into the ink container, put the tank flatly, underlay by book with thickness 1cm, make the back of tank keep level, the ink flow into the ink container automatically, reach the constant pressure balance status.(picture 3)

                                            picture 3                              picture 4     

2. Put it back (picture 4). Install the CISS onto the printer. Keep the CISS with the printer at the same level. Take out the rubber plug of air hole, then insert the filter to the air hole.(picture 5)

                   Picture 5

3. Print the test page, if test page is normal, the printer can be used normally; if the test page is abnormal (break), clean the printer head 1-3 times. The printer can print normally when the test page is normally.


When the ink in ink container is under the alertness line(the label), please refill more ink in time.

1.      Bring out the filter, stuff up the air hole.

2.      Take out the rubber plug of the filling hole, fill the ink into ink container. Then stuff up the filling hole.

3.      Make sure there is no ink in balance device.

4.      Take out the rubber plug of the air hole, insert the filter to the air hole, then can continue printing.


1.        Continual ink supply system and printer should be put at the same level.

2.        When the ink in ink container under the alertness line. Please refill the ink in time, avoid trouble happen.

3.        Make sure stuff rubber plug in the air hole when filling ink.

When printing, if ink not comes out or not continuous, it shows there is some air in ink cartridges, take out the ink cartridges, put the CISS as the picture 2 showing, make sure ink in balance device flow into ink container, extract the air as the way of picture 2. And repeat 2 or 3 times. This problem will be resolved.

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